Sweet Commute

A sweet commute. However you are getting there

Organise your race medals with LEDK

We don’t often promote a specific product, however the wall mounted Race Medal organsers from LEDX Running caught our eye a week or two back. A good quality metal wall mounted rack for all your (well up to 32!) of your event finishers medal collection. They have a number of designers for running and multisport, so now is a great time to get those medals out from the drawers and boxes and create your own tribute to getting out there and doing it!

Which Petzl headlamp for running or cycling to work

Petzl has a long history of quality and reliable products for recreation, sports and professionals. Petzl produces a range of headlamps suited to runners and cyclists, whether on their work commute or out on the trail. Petzl’s journey, which ultimately led them to become one of the leading headlamp manufacturers began in 1936. Within the current lineup, it is a tough choice to determine the best PETZL headlamp for running or cycling to work.

Beginners guide to Lime Scooters

Most disruptive technologies create a swirl of criticism and praise. The invasion of Lime scooters into our congested cities is no exception. With an inspired combination of mobile software, GPS and a real problem to solve., Lime or a descendant technology of Lime is here to stay. Are approaches such as Lime part of the congestion solution to our growing Cities? Lime Scooters Key facts Dockless, micro battery-powered scooter transport option Currently deployed in over 100 Us Cities and over 27 Cities Worldwide Designed for last-mile transport in Cities $1 unlock charge per trip $0.

Everything you need to know before buying an electric bike (e-bike)

Electric bikes are taking the busy city by storm. E-bikes are the almost perfect combination of speed, cost and convenience to escape the congestion on your trip to work. Read on as we explore everything you need to know before buying an e-bike. Electric bike summary Range is the wrong comparison tool to use when comparing electric bikes Know the simple math tip to compare battery capacities easily Think carefully before buying an e-bike with a proprietary styled battery pack Use some simple battery care tips to get the most out of your investment Know if there are any legal limits on the maximum power rating of your electric bike motor in your State or Country Check the componentry, look for a quality brand name on the components (Bosch for example) rather than generic or re-badged components.

What to do if I get a puncture on my bike going to work

The dread of a puncture stops many beginners from relying on their bike to get to work. With a little insight and some planning, punctures can be both a rare and stress-free event. The risk of punctures is largely over-stated and easy to fix. After a spate of punctures on one of my commuter bikes (old mountain bike) I did a little head-scratching and some information searching. My son was having at least a couple of punctures a month on his KMart bike.

What app should I use for tracking my commute?

So you’re commuting to work now by running, walking or biking. If you’re walking or running you’ll need to record at least the distance you are doing so you know when it’s time to replace your shoes before you begin to be plagued with nagging injuries. See our article on when you should replace your running shoes. Things to you consider when choosing an app for your phone. These are just some of the things that you might want to think about when choosing an app that’s right for you.

How to stop my running gear stinking out the Office

Running to work every day is a great way to avoid the hassle of a congested commute while keeping fit and healthy. Stinky running gear, however, can start to make us a little unpopular in the office. Why do our running clothes start to stink and how can we stop it? Top tips to help keep your running clothes stink-free Wash your running clothes as soon as possible after your run If your workplace has anywhere to dry your clothes, use it.

How to choose the right headlamp for running to work

Being able to see where you are going and being visible to other road users is critical for that early morning or winter commute to work. Here are the top considerations to help you choose the right headlamp for city commuting. Essential steps in choosing the right headlamp 100 to 200-lumen output (brightness) recommended. Grab a brightness-adjustable 200 plus lumen headlamp if you do the occasional trail run Choose a battery type that suits you, single-use, rechargeable or USB rechargeable Choose a headlamp that has a runtime of at least 20 hours For running, other than having a few brightness settings and having some water resistance, additional features such as strobe and red lights are unnecessary Stick to well-proven brands, Petzl, Black Diamond or Fenix Look for IPX6 rating minimum, IPX7 as a preferred water resistance standard Running to work in the dark Runners are generally moving more slowly than cyclists.

Best Way to Travel to Avoid City Congestion

The average American spends 42 hours a year stuck in congestion. From Uber and Lyft to congestion charge beating electric cars, cycling running. All promise a convenient way to travel. But which help the most to keep our cities moving and our commutes hassle-free? What is the best way to travel to avoid city congestion? Travelling to work in the city can be a challenge in car-centric city design. Thankfully there are a few options to make your commute less stressful and even fun.