Sweet Commute

A sweet commute. However you are getting there

Stand Up Biking – A different way to commute.

Part 1 – Elliptical Bikes are out of the Gym and onto the streets, footpaths and trails. Elliptical Bikes have been on the market now for a decade. The elliptical bike comes in two distinct different stride motions. One gives you a compact or short stride motion, while the other gives you a long stride. The other big difference is some models are two wheels while some are three-wheeled – like the three-wheeled trike bikes of the past or possibly even your childhood.

Can I run or cycle to work every day?

Running or cycling to work each day may seem contrary to the advice found in most training plans. Running or cycling to work each day can have many health and fitness benefits if approached the right way. Should I run or cycle every day? Running or cycling every day is achievable. You need to consider whether you want to, or if it is logistically possible. Check your motivation for your running or cycling commute.

Unicycling to work. The ultimate commute?

If two wheels are too difficult to transport and store for your work commute, join the growing number of single wheel Unicycle commuters. Can I Unicycle to work? Short answer, yes! Unicycles can go anywhere that two wheels can go. While unicycles appear mechanically simple – they are! A little careful thought is needed to choose the correct unicycle for your commuting needs. What are the benefits of unicycling to work?

Which Petzl headlamp for running or cycling to work

Petzl has a long history of quality and reliable products for recreation, sports and professionals. Petzl produces a range of headlamps suited to runners and cyclists, whether on their work commute or out on the trail. Petzl’s journey, which ultimately led them to become one of the leading headlamp manufacturers began in 1936. Within the current lineup, it is a tough choice to determine the best PETZL headlamp for running or cycling to work.

How to Commute to work by bike

Plan a better way to get to work. Avoiding congestion and saving some dollars have the added bonus of improving fitness and health. Cycling is worth approximately $6.2billion to the US economy, with a growing adult participation rate. Becoming part of the commuting club makes you part of a wider and growing community of non-recreational cyclists. Make sure you have the right plans and essential commuting gear in place to own your next trip to work.

Everything you need to know before buying an electric bike (e-bike)

Electric bikes are taking the busy city by storm. E-bikes are the almost perfect combination of speed, cost and convenience to escape the congestion on your trip to work. Read on as we explore everything you need to know before buying an e-bike. Electric bike summary Range is the wrong comparison tool to use when comparing electric bikes Know the simple math tip to compare battery capacities easily Think carefully before buying an e-bike with a proprietary styled battery pack Use some simple battery care tips to get the most out of your investment Know if there are any legal limits on the maximum power rating of your electric bike motor in your State or Country Check the componentry, look for a quality brand name on the components (Bosch for example) rather than generic or re-badged components.

What to do if I get a puncture on my bike going to work

The dread of a puncture stops many beginners from relying on their bike to get to work. With a little insight and some planning, punctures can be both a rare and stress-free event. The risk of punctures is largely over-stated and easy to fix. After a spate of punctures on one of my commuter bikes (old mountain bike) I did a little head-scratching and some information searching. My son was having at least a couple of punctures a month on his KMart bike.