Stand Up Biking – A different way to commute.

Posted by Ian (Race Runner and Collector of Bling) on Sunday, September 15, 2019

Part 1 – Elliptical Bikes are out of the Gym and onto the streets, footpaths and trails.

Elliptical Bikes have been on the market now for a decade. The elliptical bike comes in two distinct different stride motions. One gives you a compact or short stride motion, while the other gives you a long stride. The other big difference is some models are two wheels while some are three-wheeled – like the three-wheeled trike bikes of the past or possibly even your childhood. The big visual difference between these bikes and the regular bike is the very noticeable fact that they have no seat.

In 2018 ElliptiGO, the pioneer and world leader in elliptical bikes announced they had 25,000 of their bikes on the road since their first model release in 2010.

Part 2 – “Stand Up Bikes” (SUB) are taking you on a new ride.

“Stand Up Bikes” on the other hand have the same traditional pedal motion as an ordinary bicycle.

The Benefits of Elliptical and Stand Up Bikes.

This from the Elliptigo website – “The Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center at the University of California in San Diego conducted a metabolic study to determine how riding an ElliptiGO bike compares to running and traditional cycling. They discovered that stand up cycling burns, on average, 33% more calories than riding a conventional bike at the same speed. The study also found that going 16.5mph on an ElliptiGO bike was equivalent in effort to running at an 8 minute per mile pace.”

Stand-up cycling is low impact and provides a smooth motion that offers a workout that is gentle on your back, hips, knees and Ankles. Standing up gives you a more comfortable riding position which reduces back and neck stress and of course, removing any seat pain. Standing up also gives you a fuller body workout as it engages your core and upper body as well as your legs. Riding in a stand-up position also gives you increased visibility and makes you more noticeable to others around you.