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The fastest way to dry running shoes

Don’t let wet running shoes upset your plans. Need to get back on your feet quickly, try the techniques below to get your running shoes dry in time for your next run. Drying techniques for your running shoes Newspaper method, an old. but slow favourite Hairdryer, a quick solution when done with care. See our top tip to accelerate this drying process Tumble Dryer, fast, but expensive and noisy method Hand dryer, the work commute fallback Leaf Blower, unwieldy but surprisingly effective Drying techniques to never try Drying running shoes in the microwave Drying running shoes in the oven Office paper, this paper is coated and none-absorbant, stealing the last of the printer paper will make you pretty unpopular too!

When Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

Running to work for your daily commute is a great start to your day. Looking after your running gear, especially your shoes is key to keeping your daily commute fun and keeping you injury-free. Running in an old comfortable pair of shoes is great and generally, worry-free for a while, but when should you realistically replace your running shoes? Factors that wear out running shoes. Your weight – the heavier you are the quicker the cushioning of the shoe will break down.